In 1990, Baqai foundation established Pakistan’s first private sector dental college to cater the need of over 20 million people. The Baqai model- as envisaged by two great visionaries, PROF DR FAREEDUDDIN BAQAI and PROF ZAHIDA BAQAI, made this realization possible. Baqai’s community oriented medical education (COME) programs have played a key role in extending top of the line healthcare and educational facilities to the people of Pakistan

Today BDC is recognized in Pakistan and abroad as a major contributor to the field of dentistry both as an institution and as a dental hospital. It is a matter of great pride and privileged for us to state that this college has produced over 1400 DENTAL graduates- who are now making us proud by serving across the globe


Baqai Dental College endeavors to provide quality education and clinical training to student who after successful completion of 4years degree program, confidently exhibit outstanding knowledge and skills.

BDC is improving the dental health of a highly diverse populace by initiating a number of public health and community welfare project. Besides educating dental health professionals, BDC has successfully introduced programs to improve the health of highly diverse low income as well as under privileged populations residing in gadap town, Gharo. Thatta , Badin and other far flung of interior sindh. We have made available to the most multiethnic, multicultural patient, state of art dental care facilities free of cost , making dental health care affordable to all. Student enrolled at the college conduct community visits to medically underserved areas throughout Karachi and its outskirts.



"Oral Physicians !! Emerging Leaders in HealthCare"